what is visual shrapnel?

visual shrapnel is about expression. 

visual shrapnel is about identity.

visual shrapnel is about empowerment.

visual shrapnel is about attitude.

visual shrapnel, in it's embryonic state, was the result of two main factors ...... my lucid dreaming & fate. my dream state encounters with colorful patterns & a recurring ominous presence led me back to art as a way to document what I was witnessing while asleep. many times I would wake up & immediately sketch out these experiences. then I would "organize" them into small paintings. being an old school draftsman I did this using manual drafting tools like compasses & straight edges. no computer programs. my painting are organic. the basis is a simple circle. a universal symbol of infinity & perfection. 

along with this approach that resulted into artworks was the incorporation of the energy I felt while in lucidity. not only the working energy but the use of a visual representation of the energy. many of my works use explosive symbollage like bolts, flames & what I recognized could be  shrapnel ..... outward linework & projections. it made sense to call my brand visual shrapnel because my intention was to create art that left itself embedded in the viewer's mind.